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Balsam Ridge – Wallingford, CT

Balsam Ridge is a beautiful neighborhood located in the small town of Wallingford, CT, located in the heart of New Haven County. Although Wallingford is a fairly small town, there are a variety of different attractions and activities for people of all ages.

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The schools within this town are well above the national average in a variety of areas. Wallingford also had less than half of the average crime rate of the United States in 2011. For those looking to invest, house prices are raising at 1% annually in Balsam Ridge, making it a great place to invest in real estate as well.

Wallingford Attractions

Balsam Ridge is located in a very lively area with a variety of different events and attractions. Ranging from museums to go karting, there is always something fun to do.

Nehemiah Royce Museum

The Nehemiah Royce House is known to be the oldest house in Wallingford, CT. There is also a surplus of information on the roots of this beautiful city along with the story of Nehemiah Royce, the man who purchased this plot of land from the Quinnipiac Native Americans.

Trail of Terror

One of the most famous attractions in Wallingford, CT is the Trail of Terror, a local favorite. This attraction is a 45-minute hike through the woods, featuring over 30 different scenes played out by more than 125 actors. This event is a great way to have a fun and scary adventure at a low cost.

Balsam Ridge, Wallingford CT

Prime Climb

Prime Climb is Wellington’s premier indoor rock climbing location. For a great exercise at a low cost, prime climb is a perfect solution. It is a powerful mental and physical challenge that will satisfy anyone.

Local Schools

Elementary and Middle Schools

Balsam Ridge is located only .4 miles from Cook Hill Elementary School, which serves 393 students from, grades Pre-K to fifth.

This school has great reviews and has a 13:1 teacher-student ratio, ensuring direct help. Another local school, Parker Farms, is located 2.2 miles from Balsam Ridge and specializes in grades 3-5.

The two primary middle schools in the area are James H. Moran Middle School and Dag Hammarskjold Middle School, both of these features a low student to teacher ratio.

These schools are well above the national average for middle schools. These schools offer free events for the community, including theater and sports.

High Schools

Lyman High School and Mark T. Sheehan High School are the top high schools located near Balsam Ridge. Both of these have fantastic student and parent ratings. They offer a very lively campus and a great atmosphere for both students and visitors.

Balsam Ridge is not only a beautiful location, but also it is also located near a variety of great schools and a handful of family friendly and fun attractions.

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