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10 Essential Tips to Adding Value to Your Home


Whether it’s located in Beverly Hills, or the Detroit projects, any home’s value can be increased with quick and easy jobs. The best value-enhancing details are probably already on every homeowner’s “to-do” list.

The trick is planning them out, budgeting appropriately, and seeing them through. In case you are fresh out of ideas for bolstering the dollar sign attached to your listed property, here are ten projects that can be accomplished in short order.

Keeping it Simple Applies To Home Value As Well

That’s right, simple jobs equate to surprisingly large increases in property value. Try these for a sure way to make your home more valuable.

1. Neutral-colored paint: Create uniformity and relaxation with earth tones. Paint is cheap compared to other types of improvements. A new coat brings life and balance back into a home.

2. Multimedia: Immediately find a Realtor that will post your property on a virtual tour. Buyers look for properties with owners who are well connected.

3. Landscaping: Manicure the lawn, trees and shrubs. Exterior living things indicate a certain “completeness” to a property. Landscaping that is neat indicates a house that is luxurious, clean and well made.

4. Clean the windows: Perfect and clean windows capture and reflect ambient light. Sheen appearances take years and wear off of the overall look of a house.

5. Clean the gutters: Sagging and moldy gutters are a detail that buyers immediately see on a first viewing. Straight gutters indicate a home that is free from exterior problems and expertly designed to protect a home from elemental disasters.

6. Complete construction: Don’t let that unfinished garage or basement go unattended. Take time to finish the mud and sanding, put on a coat of paint and see how these rooms add to your home’s appeal.

7. Mind the entryways: Always have a pristine front door and, if possible, an attractive mailbox display. Buyers want to know that the home they are buying is prominent and influential from backyard to street side.

8. Invest in bio-cleaning products: One of the first things a potential buyer notices when touring a home is the smell. Bio-cleaning products neutralize bad smells and convert the air to a neutral odor balance. Don’t mask interior odors; get rid of them completely.

9. Change lighting: This involves replacing bulbs and fixture globes to allow maximum lighting in every room. No room should be poorly lit, and traditionally dark spaces that are highlighted will bring surprising comfort and attraction to the buyer.

10. Kitchen and Bathrooms: If no other rooms in the home are modernized and refurbished, make sure the most attention is given to the kitchen and bathroom. These are the two rooms that can make or break a home sale. Shine surfaces, remove stains, replace linoleum and tile, make sure lighting is sufficient and boost every fan and diffuser. These two rooms touch the lives of everyone in a home. Make sure they are inviting and in great condition.

Enlist An Expert To Help

The previous tips are sure ways to add value to your market home but, to guarantee the improvements will be noticed, it is recommended that sellers seek the help of a realtor who can promote a property’s latest and greatest improvements. The bigger the network, the greater chance sellers will have in getting a great price for their property!

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