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14 King Arthur Ct., North Haven, CT 06473

14 King Arthur Ct., North Haven, CT 06473 | Carbutti & Co. Realtors

14 King Arthur Ct., North Haven, CT has an appeal most of which can be owed to the entire exterior setting. This beautiful colonial style home is framed by a dozen mature trees and lush.

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The colorful landscaping, a broad, welcoming driveway and a charming porch complete the perfect picture. It has a deep green lawn nestled against dark evergreen background.

The balanced placement of doors and windows on all sides of the house enhances the overall impression. The subtle colors used throughout the exterior and interior have transformed this place.

Matching Driveway and House Style

The approach to this house does not begin merely at the front door. It begins when you see the driveway from the street. From that spot, you take in the wide landscaping. These elements have enhanced the curb appeal of this home in CT.

The architect has made it pleasing to the aesthetic senses by borrowing elements from older homes and integrating them with the modern ones in the interior. The house stands on an acre of greenery along with a detached outdoor cabin.

14 King Arthur Ct., North Haven, CT 06473 | Carbutti & Co. Realtors

This simple white farmhouse has the charm, and the monochromatic color does much to enhance the details like front porch, pathway and the porch posts balancing the roof. A broad veranda with a low-pitched roof in the front makes this house seem much larger.

A Peek Inside

The area where the homeowner has explored personal tastes belong to the entry hardware and lighting fixtures. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and plenty of storage areas spread across a 2,131 square feet space.

The rooms harmonize with one another and look well together. The fireplace in the living room has a warm look that comes from the grey and beige elements that surround it, particularly the inside part.

It connects the room to the surrounding design. The wooden floors in the living and bedrooms are striking. The updated kitchen has lost much of its original details over the years, but the new cabinets with ceramic tiles and brick backdrop gives it a modern look.

The most obvious use of color on the transformed house comes from the floor tiles surrounding the hallway. The beautiful dark colored tiles play a part in enlivening the home. This house dominates in terms of style. Adding extra charm and relief is the big backyard. Without this, the entire landscape would have been too much of an overpowering existence. The double and triple windows are very stylish combination.

They not only add interest to the house, but also reflect the arrangement of natural sunlight falling inside the house. The single narrow windows when clubbed together create a large, picturesque span.

Additional Features

Other features of this house include full basement with hatchway, central air conditioning and cooling system, circuit breaker, exterior siding, shingles which are painted, stained and in a few places left natural, wood, brand new appliances in the kitchen, septic sewage system, oil tank above ground, tile and laminate flooring, public water source, attached garage, gated community, and ground floor laundry room.

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