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5 Easy Tips for Staging Your Outdoor Living Space

By Caroline Witts


Having a cohesive outdoor living space is important when selling a home. Many potential buyers want to see a put together home as well as an outdoor living space that makes sense. Make sure to help buyers envision themselves in your home by checking out these easy tips for staging your outdoor living space.

1. Create A Conversation

Many homeowners will want to use their outdoor living space to sit back and relax after a long day of work. Make sure to invite potential buyers into the space by creating a conversational area with plenty of comfortable seating. It is also important to arrange the seating is a manner that will encourage residents or guests to stay awhile.

Purchasing gently used outdoor furniture is a great way to easily create this kind of space. Also consider mixing up the different seating options like using a storage ottoman against a wall for added seating space as well as things like single chairs that are placed at an angle. Even though you will most likely take the outdoor furniture with you when you move, you will help to create the overall feeling of the space by creating a spot for relaxing conversations.

2. Update the Landscaping

Making sure to update the overall look of your landscaping is an important part of selling a home. Many potential home buyers want to see landscaping that is clean and orderly. This means that bushes may need to be trimmed and weeds will need to be pulled to present the best option for prospective buyers. Something as simple as adding a fresh layer of bark dust around plants will make a huge difference in staging the outdoor living space of your home. Other easy options include adding a few potted plants to the space that feature bright flowers to soften the area and make it more welcoming.

3. Make It Fun

Potential homeowners will want to see the potential that the outdoor living space has for their future. This means that they want to see what you used the space for and if they can include that in their home as well. Creating a spot in your yard for fun things like yard games and hanging chairs is important. Corral the kids’ toys in an area that makes sense to silently communicate that your home is great for growing families. A home with a pool would benefit from a tub of freshly folded towels or a spot for pool toys to show prospective buyers how much fun your outdoor living space really is.

4. Don’t Forget the Food

Many homeowners use their outdoor living spaces for grilling or smoking food during the warmer seasons. Make sure that your space has a spot for a grill and possibly some shelving that would be left with the home for the next homeowners. Creating an atmosphere where food can be cooked outdoors is a great way to again show that your outdoor living space is both functional as well as inviting.

5. Add Extra Details

A little goes a long way when it comes to adding details to your outdoor living space. Placing interesting pops of color or decorations that match the time period of your home is important. If the interior of your home has a more modern style carry that theme through to the backyard with sleek black planters and minimal, but meaningful, additions to the space. Houses that are great for raising a family could incorporate small hints to the overall kid-friendly experience that your house provides with a table topped with bubble supplies or places to hang toys and hula hoops along the fence. Sophisticated additions of weather stations and succulents are other ways that you can add details to your outdoor living space to entice buyers.

Staging your outdoor living space to reflect your home’s potential is vital to communicate to potential buyers without saying a word. Make sure that your space makes sense in the places that are meant for relaxing conversation as well as those areas of the space that are meant for fun. Remember all of these easy tips for staging your outdoor living space when trying to sell your home.

Caroline Witts is a gardening and design writer, and regional marketing coordinator for LawnStarter, an online and mobile platform that helps New Haven residents order, manage and pay for lawn care.

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