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Container gardening isn’t just for apartment landscapes anymore!


Spring and summer means gardening to many. If you feel left out of the gardening fun because your outdoor space is too small, or you’re a novice gardener intimidated by the task at hand, container gardening may be the answer to get your garden growing.

There’s at lease 100 reasons for anyone to try container gardening. It can be more economical than traditional gardening, since you can use almost anything as a planter and you can add to it on your own schedule. If you have little to no actual soil area at your home, container gardening presents a way around that. And even a tiny space can be turned into a spectacular flower and/or vegetable garden that makes a great visual statement.  So, where to start?

If it can be grown, you can probably grow it in a container garden. There’s almost no flora that can’t flourish in a container garden—even herbs and veggies can be part of any container garden.

Container gardening is easy: Even if you believe yourself to be a plant killer, container gardening is a great place to begin salvaging your destructive reputation. Even a novice can grow a spectacular container garden with little time invested. Begin with seeds or seedlings that you love best – bright colored flowers, fast growing ferns. Use your imagination when it comes to finding inexpensive containers so you aren’t investing wads of cash into the venture—look around your house for an old bucket, an empty toy wagon or anything vessel shaped that will serve the purpose. Use your imagination for a truly eclectic container garden.

Grow anything you like, even if it’s not native to your planting zone. With container gardening, you’re liberated from your geography – you can grow a cactus garden in Seattle or Birds of Paradise in Montana. In most yards or even on a single deck or patio you can experience a wide variety of conditions, from sunny and warm to shady and cool. Just try to make sure you have the right plants in each spot. Trial and error may come in handy if you’re a newbie to gardening, since it can take a little time to get the feel of what plants thrive in certain conditions. If one of your plants dies, you can replace it cheaply and quickly without worrying that the whole garden is in jeopardy.

Containers gardening can be adapted to suit any taste and personality. You can get great results simply by being as relaxed or ambitious as you want to be. If a couple of sunflowers in a pot can make you smile, that’s a great place to start.  If you’re looking for a bigger impact, try landscaping an entire area with containers of sunflowers. Your willingness to experiment will be the key to success.

Don’t be afraid of your lack of space. Even the smallest spaces can be brought to life with a container garden. Plenty of folks, especially in big cities, grow beautiful flowers and vegetable on stoops, balconies and fire escapes. No matter what the space limitations you’re dealing with, you can design a container garden that will thrive. Do some research to learn what plants do well in shade or direct sun, and plan accordingly if your outdoor garden spot has some solar limitations.

Include your kids in the construction and maintenance of your container garden. Many kids have no interest in gardening until they try it. Veggies suddenly become surprisingly appetizing when your kids see them growing in their container garden. Sweet, fresh veggies straight off the vine mirror the sweet taste of success they feel when they’ve grown a fabulous container garden. An added bonus is, container garden veggies can be kept out of reach from local the local wildlife.

Instant gratification. Few things in life deliver the instant gratification a container garden delivers. In just a few hours you can go to your local nursery, pick out the bright, flowering plants of your choice, fill any container with them and enjoy the benefits immediately. Plus, no weeding!

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