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Create a home office that doesn’t take up the whole room


You may want a home office in your New Haven County home, but you may not want to dedicate an entire room to office space. There’s plenty of ways to get creative and create a functional and beautiful small home office space that doesn’t dominate an entire room.

A beautiful table or roll top desk can work perfectly as a work surface when you need it to. Find a desk or desk-sized table that can be tucked away in a closet or under another piece of furniture, and pulled out whenever needed.

If the room you’re planning to use for your home office has a nook or architectural feature that provides some separation from the rest of the room, consider setting a desk or table up in the space. Install shelves above the desk to store supplies or paperwork. Even a corner of a room can accommodate an office area.  Add a suitable table, chair, and bookshelf or bedside table with a storage shelf to house a few office accessories.

Home office armoire

If there’s a window in the room with nothing in front of it, take advantage of this ideas space to set up a desk and a chair, and place a bookshelf nearby.  Make sure your office furniture complements room’s other décor.

An armoire in the living room or dining room with a pull down shelf can double as a desk and storage area for your computer, files and office supplies. It can also serve double duty as a storage space for China, stemware and silverware.

The kitchen is an oft-overlooked area for setting up an office area. If yours is large enough to dedicate a corner or nook, find the functional pieces you need to create your office area, keeping your choices consistent with the color scheme and décor of the kitchen.

If your bedroom has the best set up for desk and chair, choose a soothing color palette that harmonizes with your existing furniture and accessories to create a work zone that feels like a natural extension of your sleeping space.

Home office space

You know best what kind of environment you need for your office space; the quiet of a bedroom, or right in the thick of things where most of your daily activity takes place like the kitchen or family room. Once you make a decision on the best area to set up your workspace, enjoy creating an area that works well with the rest of the room while providing all the features you need to be productive.

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