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Downsizing Your Home: A Primer


Whether you are looking ahead to retirement or just desire a smaller, more economical home, downsizing is a viable choice for those looking to simplify their lives.

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There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for this important and exciting life change.

Check Out Your Options

Knowing ahead of time what type of housing you would like to downsize to prepares you for the journey ahead. Whether you are planning to buy another home or rent, knowing what’s available in the area you seek, as well as the desired size, will give you a general idea of what you are preparing for.

Prepare Your Current Home

If you are planning to sell your home, an important first step is to prepare the property for the real estate market. With the perspective of the future buyer in mind, take a walk through each area of your home making note of any repairs that need to be done. Freshening up your space will help your home to show well and increase the possibility of a quick sale.

Reduce Your Belongings

No matter how organized your home may be, when it comes to moving to a smaller space, there will be items that need to go. Keeping the size of your new expected home in mind, think about what you will really need to take with you.

Asking a friend to help may be a great asset when it comes to choosing whether or not to keep an item. This is the time to keep only the things you truly want and need.

Remove All Clutter

Clutter can produce stress even without a major event such as relocating. Removing as much clutter as possible will not only create a calm and manageable living space for you, but may also help in the sale of the home. Buyers are enticed by a clean and orderly space.

Donate or Sell Your Unwanted Items

Now that you’ve gotten things sorted out and have conquered all your clutter, it’s time to decide what you would like to do with those items. There are many options available today which make selling just about anything a relatively easy process. With selling sites on the internet, your local newspaper, social media, and yard sales, there is money to be made. Any remaining items may then be donated to a local charity to help those in need.

Enjoy the Process

With all these tasks on the list, it’s important to take note of how crucial it is to take it all in stride. Transitioning to a smaller home, letting go of your possessions; some of which you may have had for years, and the energy it takes to prepare and sell a home, is a big deal.

Don’t let the busyness of the process turn this exciting adventure into a negative experience. Having a flexible plan in place will help keep things running smoothly, and moving forward to your goal of a living in your new downsized home.

Start the Downsizing Process!

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