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Enjoy the Dog Days (And Evenings) of August in Your Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living space Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.27.53 AM

With a good four to six weeks of balmy weather ahead, August and is a great month for making the most of your home’s outdoor space by moving the indoors out for a comfy open-air living room or family room suitable for hanging out with your family, entertaining guests and appreciating the warm breezes while we have them.

Begin establishing your outdoor living space by defining it: envision a space that flows naturally from your indoor space. Use your existing outdoor furniture or take advantage of seasonal outdoor furniture sales to create furniture groupings that encourage conversation. If you can, budget a few key pieces that can really make an outdoor living space inviting—an outdoor sofa that is nicely upholstered and comfortable, a complementary coffee table and side tables. You might want to look for a coffee table that doubles as a fire pit for the cooler evenings ahead.

Lay an indoor/outdoor area routdoor living space 2ug to further define the space, and if you’re particularly ambitious hang some breezy, lightweight curtains for added definition of the space. If your yard has an arbor, this is a perfect space to designate for the outdoor living room feel.

Take advantage of existing landscaping or a lovely garden and incorporate these green spaces into your outdoor living space. If your home is thin on landscape, pick up a few large pots and plant some lush, colorful flowers and foliage to add some natural texture to the space. Create something that encourages you and your family to head outside to enjoy the surroundings.

There are some great, inexpensive lighting options for outdoor living spaces, including lanterns and  even candles. Illuminating planters are fun, different and a beautiful way to combine lighting and greenery.Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.18.29 AM

Squeeze every last minute out planter lightsof warm weather days and evenings with an inviting living space that suits your lifestyle. Next year, you’ll be ready to expand on your outdoor living space theme to make it even more cozy and welcoming.

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