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Event Spotlight: New Haven Restaurant Week – Nov. 3-8

It’s nearly that time of year again and New Haven, Connecticut will soon be hosting its annual restaurant week November 3rd through the 8th. Imagine living in a state that makes a program of this sort a yearly event. The many different styles of restaurants that are participating will tease even the most critical of taste buds.

Most offer both lunch and dinner fare while others feature dinner entrees only. From Italian, to Spanish, to Mexican, to French, to Indian, to Chinese, and of course our very own American dishes, are all featured at one of the local eateries.

The Role Played by the Economy

There is likely to be no other business that was more impacted by the recent downturn in the economy than the restaurant business. The American dollar simply was not stretching as far as it used to and people began to eat at home to save a few additional dollars each week.

The introduction of Restaurant Week in New Haven and other Connecticut city’s was brought about to entice diners back to their favorite spots for a meal. This creativity worked like a charm, and people found they had to make reservations during this time if they hoped to get in for a meal.

via Aiding the Local Farming Industry

In addition to bringing patrons into their establishment, restaurant owners used locally grown foods in the preparation of their meals.

Not only was this a boon to the farming industry but it also ensured that the food was fresh and has not been laden with preservatives that in many cases led to food that was tainted and capable of causing illness.

Price Fixing

For the weekly event, the participants will offer an exquisite meal at a price that is much lower than listed on the menu.

In addition, there are coupons available offering special discounts on specific entrees and, in some cases, even free items are added. Never can so much food be offered for such ridiculously low prices.

Quality Versus Quantity

It is the intent of chefs who work in these establishments to give their patrons a meal that will leave them satisfied. This does not mean that food will come heaped upon the plate but rather introduced in a tantalizing manner.

It is true that how food is presented is makes it more appealing to the patron. Just imagine enjoying a meal without the guilt of indulging in foods that are loaded with fats and calories that no one needs.

Move Over Foie Gras

It has to be understood that these fine eateries can only offer foodstuffs that are not overly expensive. The menu may consist of entrees that are more cost friendly, not just to the diner, but to the owner as well. This does nothing to delete the savory taste that one hopes for when dining out.

What began as a hopeful project has now grown to over 75 restaurants that take part in this festival of food each autumn. Whether you are a New Haven resident or visitor, there is no better time of the year to be and around this welcoming city.

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