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Favorite House Exterior Paint Colors for Attracting Buyers

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Exterior paint color is critical for establishing curb appeal and inviting potential home buyers to fall in love with your home, at least enough to want to step inside and see more. Some tips to keep in mind when selecting a house paint color is to take neighboring house colors into consideration and choose a color scheme that does not clash with the homes around you. You can choose a unique color that stands out, provided the deviation is subtle.

Landscaping also matters in selecting exterior house paint; if your yard has a large number of trees that change color seasonally, or flowering shrubs and flower gardens, choose paint color for compatibility. Heavily wooded lots tend to make house colors appear darker due to shade. Since not all exterior house colors are equal in the eyes of buyers, here are eight of the most popular exterior paint colors for home selling success. 

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White, in all of its subtle shades, is classic, clean and—provided you select the right shade of white—inviting. White provides a crisp backdrop for black or deep blue accents for a traditional look, or more expressive colors that may appeal to more casual sensibilities.

Blue Gray
Blue Gray
Deep blue gray with crisp white trim can add a serene feeling to a home to which people naturally gravitate. Blue Gray is appropriate in most settings, from beachfront to suburbia and even out in the country. White trim can add a nautical touch to the home’s exterior if it suits the home itself and the landscape.

Off White
off-white houseOff-white remains a popular home exterior paint color that can compliment any architectural style with its soft, hospitable feel. Off-white is a great  compromise when stark white simply won’t work, and it adapts easily to an almost endless variety of building materials, landscapes and accents.

green house
Green is probably one of the most challenging home exterior pain colors because selecting the right shade of green can be daunting. However, the right shade of green can provide spectacular curb appeal. If you decide to go green with your home’s  exterior, I suggest talking to an architect or designer to be sure you select the most desirable shade of green for your house.

gray house Gray is a wonderful home exterior color choice for old and new homes. This classic color can be warm or crisp, depending on the shade you choose–a blue undertone will have an entirely different look than a gray with white undertones. Gray makes a great color choice when you’re looking for a classic color that can be as light or as deep as you wish, and handles a host of trim colors with panache.

yellow house
Yellow is a friendly, happy color that can brighten any home, no matter what the setting. Yellow plays well with black or white trim, and stands out in any neighborhood without being garish.


Regardless of the color you choose for your home’s exterior, if you’re planning to sell it might be well worth your while to seek guidance from your realtor or an exterior paint color expert. Even if you have chose a color you love, better make sure it’s a color that home buyers love too.


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