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Four Must-Do Repairs Before Selling Your Home

Putting your home on the market to sell is a task that does require some planning and maybe even some repairs or renovations. Fixing broken plumbing and fixtures are simple little things that can make a huge difference in how quickly your home sells.

If there is room in the budget, big-ticket repairs or upgrades will give a great return on investment when the sale lands top dollar. When looking over your home to prepare it for sale, start at the bottom, and work your way up.

1. Foundation Repair

Start at the bottom with the foundation of your home. This is extremely easy if you have a basement. Simply give it a good look over for any cracks or unexplained holes. Check carefully where the floor and walls meet, if there is a gap, this could mean that there are issues with the foundation.

If your home is on a crawl space, this too should be inspected first by you, and then by a professional if cracks or spacing is found. Foundation repair is not generally a DIY project. A professional should be contacted to perform an inspection and provide an estimate on how much the repair will cost.

2. Flooring

Now, check the floors for staining and damage. Clean and repair what you can. If the staining and damage is extremely bad, replacing carpet or flooring is in order. If your home has worn wood flooring, a good sand and polish should give it that sale ready shine.

While it is not necessary to have a professional install carpet and flooring, it is a good idea to contact one if you are not a DIY type of person. A lot of money can be saved by cleaning, repairing or replacing flooring.


3. Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets & Fixtures

The kitchen and bath are rooms that need extra attention. Check the faucets for leaks and clean them to a new shine before showing your home. If the fixtures are beyond a good scrubbing, replacing them is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Next look at the lighting fixtures, they should all have shades and working bulbs. Check the switches to insure they are functioning correctly.

If your kitchen or bath is outdated, these rooms are a great place to spend a little extra time and money to fix up and give fresh new looks.

4. Paint Ceilings & Walls

Painting the walls and ceilings is a perfect way to have your home look new. A potential purchaser will be looking at the walls and ceilings. Neutral colors are best for preparing to sell your home.

Ceilings are typically white and it is best to keep it that way, for the sale. Give every room in the house a fresh coat of paint.

While you are inspecting walls and floors, don’t forget to take a look at windows and doors. These should be in good repair and keep the weather out. If they are not in terrible shape, a fresh coat of paint in these will add to the newer look. If they are rotted, broken or bad, replace them.

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