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Holiday Gift Ideas For New Homeowners!!

‘Tis the season!!! Now that we are through Thanksgiving, everyone is in a mad dash to get all of their holiday shopping done.  More than likely someone you are buying a gift for probably just moved into a new place and it may even be their very first home!  So we wanted to give you a few ideas for gifts you can get to make their new place feel more like home!


Amazon Echo / Echo Dot

These helpful little guys can turn any house or apartment into high-tech, voice-controlled smart home.  With the Echo and Alexa technology, you can control your music, TV, thermostat temperature, and much more all with just your voice.  The full-sized Echo can be bought for $99 and you can add Alexa to any room with the Echo Dot on sale for only $30!


Roku Streaming Stick


Sticking with more technology that is changing the way we live, we have the Roku stick!  Now there are a ton of other devices that can be used for streaming, but Roku is a great option and is currently on sale for only $35!  This is also a great option because the stick is easy enough to take from room to room, TV to TV, so you can watch your programs from anywhere in the house.  A ton of people are starting to cut the cable and just stream their entertainment.  So this is a great gift for someone who has just moved into a new place and is maybe looking to save on their monthly expenses by getting rid of that expensive cable package!


Personalized Gift

Etsy is a fantastic place to find a very cute personalized gift, something to really make a new apartment or house feel like home.  You can get anything from a custom cutting board, etched wine glasses, a personalized blanket, or anything else you can think of!  These are great because they can’t just be picked up in any store and you can put whatever saying or picture you want on these things to make it truly special!


Home Improvement Gift Card


Now I know this might seem like taking the easy way out or not putting enough effort into a gift idea, but these gift cards can go a long way to a new homeowner.  There are a ton of expenses that come with making your new house feel like a home and a ton of trips to either Lowes or Home Depot.  So these gift cards will be much appreciated by someone who might have just moved into a place and is planning on painting some rooms, removing some carpets, or just taking care of any number of little things they want to change about their new home.  Pair a gift card with something small for the house and you will be a hero!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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