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Inexpensive Small Bathroom Storage Fixes for Adding Sell-ability to Your Home

Sometimes, the difference between buyers who think your house might be the one for them and those who decide to “keep looking” at other homes may be as simple as adding storage to small spaces.

Small bathrooms can be troublesome to prospective buyers, so make sure to provide some extra storage in creative ways. This can be done inexpensively, and once buyers see that the storage limitations have been addressed—or even see no storage limitations at all because you’ve done a great job with a small space, they’re far more likely to keep your house at the top of their list.

Take a good look at your bathroom or powder room and think about what storage issues you’ve had in these spaces. No linen closet for clean towels, no medicine cabinet or countertop space? Some easy DIY fixes we’ve found may be just what you need to appeal to buyers.

e of the hardest-to-handle storage needs in a small bathroom occur when there’s nowhere to keep a stack of clean bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. Some of our favorite solutions include:

Make use of empty wall space with inexpensive wicker baskets or a wine rack for towels and washcloths.
Look for storage ideas that don’t take up your usable floor space:
Create storage where you need it most.

Naturally, inexpensive bathroom storage fixes should be as aesthetic as they are functional. Some that dispense bathroom tissue can be great, provided the tissue rolls aren’t the focal point of the room. Unless you are planning to take the storage accessories with you, or if you decide to hire a design professional who is a genius at color-matching  (your licensed real estate agent can probably recommend a talented designer,)  we suggest sticking with more neutral colors. White, off-white, pale or washed colors (blues, greens) or wood tones that match or complement the existing fixtures are best. Err on the side of caution.

Some homebuyers don’t want to see bathroom tissue out at all—it might appear to them that if it’s on display, there is no place else to store it. Plus, a hoard of visible tissue rolls might insinuate that this toilet is used–a lot!  Avoid storing unwrapped rolls on a visible shelf or on a stackable stand.  If the storage fixture does a great job of showing home buyers an appealing combination of form and functionality, display only one or two rolls.

Put away all clutter so viewers can see a neat and tidy small bathroom that cleverly solves all their storage concerns.

Don’t overdo – good intentions can backfire if the space looks too crammed with storage containers. Find solutions that solve the problem multi-functionally, or just find one or two shelves for a place to keep a stack of neatly folded towels.




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