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    Make your home look like these amazing Connecticut light displays this Christmas!

    One of the best parts of the holiday season is driving around your neighborhood at dusk seeing people’s houses illuminating the entire block with beautiful light displays.  It’s the time of year people get to show off their holiday spirit curb side for everyone to see.  Some just throw up a few lights on their house and maybe a couple of lawn ornaments, while others make it so their house can be seen from outer space!  Check out this couple in Fairfield, CT that has been putting on a show for the neighbors for the past 18 years!


    Now not every neighborhood has their own Wonderland at Roseville down the road to go and see, but there are plenty of other spots in Connecticut to see some of the most amazing Christmas light displays around!  Check them out here!

    Now, while all of these displays are pretty astounding, they take hours and hours of work to set up and take down.  Most people are looking for something a little more simple; icicle lights dangling from the gutters, a wreath hanging on the front door, and the trees and bushes wrapped with glowing bulbs…..but even that sounds like a lot of work!  The thought of putting up all of these lights can be really intimidating and to some seem like it isn’t worth the hassle.  But it doesn’t have to be that hard.  Here is a great video from Lowe’s on how to make your house look great for Christmas while cutting down on some of the stress of the process!

    One last tip for those of you who might have been decorating your house for a few years now.  If you haven’t upgraded to LED lights from the old incandescent lights yet, you might want to do so because you will save tons on your electric bill for the month of December.  Lighting your home with LED lights will cost you a fraction of what it would cost using incandescent lights. did the math for you showing roughly what you can save by switching to LED lights!xmas-lighting

    No matter how you want to decorate your house for the holidays we want to see it!  Send us a picture of your decorated house on Facebook at Carbutti & Co. Realtors!

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