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The bigger the better? Staging small bedrooms to sell your house

Small bedroom 1Selling a home with small bedrooms is a challenge, but one that can be overcome. If you’ve been looking for design inspiration to  make a small bedroom appear larger, prepare to be awestruck. Here are some amazingly practical solutions for staging a small bedroom house to sell.

The rule of thumb for tiny bedrooms has always been to use scaled down furnishings to make the room appear bigger, but designers are having a change of heart on that strategy. Using bigger pieces can create the illusion of a larger space if you do it right. Avoid the temptation to over-furnish, and limit the number of large pieces to two or three.

small bedroom 2The right functional design solutions for small bedrooms make all the difference. Let plenty of natural light in, and utilize as much of the space as you can without cluttering.

small bedroom 3 Lots of beautiful accent pillows and luxurious bedding can make a plain twin bed into a scrumptious bed. Bold wall paper and a large, contrasting art piece adds height and width to a small bedroom. Add a zebra rug and black and checkered ottoman for added depth.

small bedroom 4The dramatic tufted headboard adds a master bedroom touch to this small space. Tall, narrow furnishings give the room a larger, airy space with the help of natural sunlight.

small bedroom 5Some small bedrooms can still work if your priority is a big bed. Windows help. Placing this king size bed with the window and built-ins framing the simple rustic headboard gives the illusion that the bed formed organically in the space. Again, natural sunlight floods in to add airiness to the room. The built-ins provide bedside tables for both sides of the bed. Consider building shelves in a small room if it will help add the illusion of space.

small bedroom 6Layered shades of blue and inviting textures work together perfectly to change this small bedroom from claustrophobic to cozy. The minimalist furnishings could make the room seem cold and uninviting on their own, but the angora cable knit blanket and furry throw soften things right up.

If your small bedroom space currently lacks natural light, smart storage or even the right color palette, it will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Using the right tools and design techniques, even in the smallest bedroom can be more functional and appear larger.

Remember that darker colors tend to recede and can make a small space feel enclosed and less spacious. Try using lighter hues, and consider painting the ceiling the same shade as the walls to eliminate shadow lines that visually define a space. If you paint your ceiling white against a dark wall, the space will appear smaller.  If the walls and ceilings have the same tone, the eye does not see where the room’s parameters start and end, making the room seem more spacious.


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