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Take Advantage of Digital Tools to Draw Visitors to Your Open House

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With so many people communicating and accessing information on their iPhones and Androids, it’s  important to take advantage of all the digital tools at your disposal  to get word of your open house out there.  Sure, there are plenty of ways to market your open house online, but let’s focus on the digital/social media approach in this blog.

1. Take advantage of Pinterest’s ever-growing popularity and post your open house information on a Pinterestt board, making sure to include specifics so people can find you. Post interior and exterior photos,  shots of the community, your quaint street, or scenery surrounding your home—include a shot of  the platter of fresh-baked cookies you’ll be offering open house visitors too!. While you’re on Pinterest, check out the site’s real estate/open house boards to find marketing advice, products, ideas and inspiration.

2. Invite your Facebook “Likers” —take a few minutes to set up a Facebook Event for your open house, and just as you did with Pinterest, illustrate it thoroughly with photos, information and descriptive prose. Make sure not to scrimp on the details. Once you get to the site, click Create Event and go to town. Once it’s all set up, you or your realtor can advertise it on an associated Facebook business page.

3. Send out Tweets about the open house, complete with details for folks to find you. Tweets are great for reminding people who are out running errands, attending a sports event or spending a day at the park that they can swing by on their way home.  You can use Twitter to announce the open house is still happening, despite a miserable weather forecast–make sure each new tweet and message is unique to avoid irritating your readers. For instance, tell them there are warm brownies fresh from the oven waiting for Open House arrivals in one tweet, and invite them to come by and add their names to a drawing for a prize (choose one great item that you can afford and will appeal to everyone for your drawing, such as a gift certificate to Home Depot, or dinner for two at a popular local restaurant, or allow them to select from a choice of prizes.)

4. Offer a gift to open house visitors who check in on Foursquare, Facebook and other social media sites via their iPhone or android. By checking in, they are letting everyone in their networks know they’re at your open house, thus expanding the event’s reach. Make sure to mention the free gift for attendees who check in when you’re putting together your marketing material —a Starbucks gift card, for instance, or a scratch-off lottery ticket. Print up a flyer reminding people of the free-gift for checking in.

Tell us how you have used digital marketing to advertise your open house!


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