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The Most Sought After Trends Among Home Buyers This Summer

open concept kitchen

Summer is traditionally the season in which peak numbers of home buyers try to match themselves up with one of the peak numbers of homes on the market. For sellers, the competition can be fierce. If you’re selling your house this summer, you need to have what buyers want if you hope to be asking—and getting—top dollar for your property.

In the summer of 2014, home buyers are looking for some very specific features, including:

1. Universal design spaces.

The aging baby boomer population wants to age in place, meaning they want their home spaces designed to accommodate their changing needs. These design elements are not complicated or necessarily expensive, but they can make or break a home sale. Universal design spaces feature a first floor master bedroom, showers that accommodate benches and security bars, low drawer appliances and other universal design elements to accommodate aging bodies and more limited mobility.

2. Quartz surfaces in kitchens and baths

Factory-engineered quartz is swiftly overtaking granite as the most sought after countertop material, and with good reason. Quartz offers the beautiful look and feel of granite while being much hardier. Quarts is crack- and chip-resistant, and it is non-porous, making it stain resistant and easier to clean than granite or other surfaces.

3. Green: energy-saving = cost savings

Home buyers in the summer of 2014 are looking for energy-efficient, water conserving appliances, which have become standard in new and renovated homes. Touch-free faucets, high-efficiency dishwashers and toilets and smaller master bathtubs are preferred options among homeowners who are interested not only in conserving energy, but in cost savings as well.

4. Neutral colors

Adhering to neutral palettes when trying to sell a home is not new advice, but that’s not to say you should stage your home to be bland and boring. Keep the neutral colors (white, taupe, gray) on the walls and other permanent elements of the home, and add pops of color in the form of throw pillows, desktop lighting and smaller furnishings to add depth and interest. Well-placed fresh flowers can add a beautiful, colorful and aromatic touch to your home as well. Choosing locally grown flowers can keep costs down, and should last a full week.

5. Open concept kitchens and living spaces

Kitchens are no longer meant to be hidden at the back of the house. Today’s standard is an open concept kitchen that allows family and friends to interact freely by incorporating the kitchen into the rest of the home’s living spaces. Entertaining guests in an open concept kitchen allows host and hostess to interact with guests and family members while preparing food and maintaining drinks. Parents especially require an open concept kitchen to be able to keep an eye on the children while preparing meals.

If you’re serious about selling your home, look into the hottest trends home buyers want and, to the best of your ability, install them in your home in order to compete for serious buyers.

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