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Tips for a successful bathroom renovation

bathroom reno

A bathroom can make or break a home sale. If you’re planning to do some renovations to a bathroom in your home before you list it, below are some great tips from contractors with expertise in bathroom design for making sure you aren’t making some common mistakes that can negatively affect the final results.

1, Don’t do anything without first establishing a budget.

It’s easy to pull a number out of thin air and assume you can make it work. Make sure you determine how much you can afford to spend and create a plan based on that budget. If you have $10,000 to work with, don’t kid yourself into believing you can stretch it if you need to. You will end up either going wildly over budget or you’ll end up having to cut corners later, which can lead to disappointing results.

Begin the project with a realistic number in your head. Price your renovation plan out, and then stick to both the budget and plan once work starts.

2. Establish a clear design plan before demolition

To approach any renovation without a clear plan in hand is asking for trouble of the potentially disastrous kind. Have your new bathroom sketched out, have a list of the materials you’ll use along with line item prices and a timeline. Determine how much of the work you will do yourself and how much you’ll be delegating to contractors. You can’t over-plan, even if it seems like a fairly simple project. Make sure to have a plumber and other emergency contractors on speed dial in case you run into any problems.

3. Resist the temptation to ignore the “little things”

If your existing bathroom doesn’t already have a fan, install one. If it has one, make sure it’s clean. Your bathroom fan provides the proper ventilation to prevent humidity from building up on surfaces, which can lead to paint and grout deterioration and mildew formation. Vacuuming the vent regularly will help keep it clean. To determine if your fan needs cleaning, turn it on and hold a square of toilet paper up to the vent. If the paper stays up on its own when you let go, then the fan has a clean flow of air.

Once your renovation is underway, resist the temptation to ignore small mistakes. Instead, fix them as soon as you notice them. For instance, if your paint strokes are noticeably uneven, or if one tile is not flush, don’t tell yourself you can live with it. If you notice it, others will too.

4. Pace yourself to avoid end-of-project burnout.

Many homeowners take on a renovation project with plenty of enthusiasm, only to lost motivation in the process of actually getting it done. You can be meticulous with the early steps, suck as framing out the room or installing the fixtures, but there comes a time when you just can’t wait any longer to see the finished product, and you’ll be tempted to rush through it. But since the finish work has an enormous impact on the overall look of the project, you would do well to move at a steady pace when you begin the project and slow down at the end to be sure everything is done correctly.

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