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Tips for brightening every room in your house

It’s high season for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition caused by ongoing light deprivation that is part and parcel to living in northern climates during winter. There are ways to bring light back into your home to brighten everyone’s outlook, no matter how many weeks remain until spring provides relief.

Creative Lighting

layered lightingBrighten your home by creating a lighting plan that keeps things bright in winter and balanced year round. Start by illuminating the busiest areas of the home with a layer of bright light. Add a layer of accent lights in areas of interest, and finish with ambient light in the background.

Dimmers can help create the desired atmosphere to your needs (and mood), and they conserve energy.

White Walls

white wallsBefore you gasp your disapproval over white walls, consider how they can work with artwork and color splashes to bringing lightness and brightness into your space. Take advantage of the black palette white walls provide by bringing in colorful furniture pieces and plenty of patterns via area rugs, throw pillows and other accessories.

Using color to brighten a room

blue roomIf you can’t live without color on your walls, go for it! Just paint the trim bright white—the affect of the white trim against a bold color wall will brighten the space and provide a sharp, inviting atmosphere. For a more understated look, paint your walls sky blue, which brings the outside in and making it feel like a sunny summer day.

Take advantage of the ceiling

ceilings Paint or even wallpaper the ceiling in a bold color or pattern to give the space a bright, cheerful feeling. Add a chandelier and some elaborate crown molding for a breathtaking finish.


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