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Tips for selling your home in 2015

If you’re planning to place your home on the market in 2015, make sure you arm yourself with today’s trends in successful home selling. This isn’t your parents’ home sale experience; in fact, it isn’t even your last home sale experience.

In the video above, Jonathan Carbutti of Carbutti & Co. Realtors provides tips for homeowners planning to sell in 2015. Below are some additional tips for a successful sale in 2015:

Make sure you’re ready to sell before you list

Many times homeowners who are on the fence about selling go ahead and list without putting a plan in place. Make sure to do your comparables, or ask your realtor to help determine your home’s market value. Clean, declutter and stage both inside and out. Have a place to go if your home sells quickly and the buyer is ready to move in.

Avoid the mistake of overpricing your home when you list; if the home isn’t ready to show and the price is high, you’re digging yourself into a hole by running off buyers.

Spend the time to find an experienced agent

If you’re tempted to call an agent you’ve worked with in the past, you may be short-changing yourself. Talk to a few agents and ask friends and family who recently sold a home to recommend their agent. You have too much at stake to skip this step, and be sure to check out online resources to learn more about each agent’s experience, expertise and sales activity before you commit.

Separate your emotional attachment to the home from the task at hand

It’s easy to allow an emotional attachment to a home to blur your goal to sell. Resist dwelling on sentiment that makes you feel as if you’re parting with a piece of your family’s history. Now is the time to let the pragmatic investor in you take over—if you’re too emotionally attached to the home, you’re vulnerable to making bad decisions like rejecting a solid offer or failing to entertain a serious buyer.

Prepare yourself to part with the home and move forward before you list; don’t let memories sabotage the sale. Your real estate agent can help you avoid making mistakes throughout the process, which is why it’s so important to establish a relationship with a realtor you can trust.

Optimize your listing with photos and mobile device accessibility

Forget worrying about the Web or newspaper listings, almost all home searches begin on a cell phone or tablet. It’s critical to optimize your home listing for mobile devices in order to get the right kind of buyer traffic to your home.

Make sure there are plenty of photos, comprehensive descriptions and accurate information with your listing. Today’s homebuyers won’t stick around if they can’t access complete information at first glance.

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