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Brentwood – Wallingford, CT

Brentwood is a community located in Wallingford, CT. Wallingford is located in New Haven County. According to a 2012 census, Wallingford had a population of approximately 18,750.

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Brentwood is a condominium community, which units have an average price of  approximately $185,000.  Some owners have opted to transition their condominiums in this community into rental properties. This community is in a highly desirable location due to being situated near a number of schools, churches, restaurants and much more.


Brentwood has a variety of nearby schools, churches, parks, stores and fine restaurants. Mark J Sheehan High School is located on 142 Hope Hill Road in Wallingford. In addition, the Dag Middle School is located on 101 Pond Hill Road. Dag Middle School is located within 5 minutes of Brentwood.

Churches near Brentwood

There are a number of churches within close proximity to Brentwood. Most Holy Trinity Church is located on 84 North Colony Street. The Church of the Resurrection is located on 115 Pond Hill Road in Wallingford. Both churches can be reached within about 6 minutes by car from Brentwood.

Fine Restaurants 

For those who enjoy eating out there are several restaurants close to Brentwood. Abbot & Casella’s is located on 339 Colony Street. Abbot & Cassella’s serves both American and Italian food.

In addition, 99 Restaurant is located on 914 North Colony Road. The 99 Restaurant serves sandwiches, pizza and pasta.

Brentwood, Wallingford CT

Parks & Recreation

Doolittle Park is located on 718 South Elm Street in Wallingford. Doolittle Park offers spacious grounds, park benches, picnic tables and water fountain. Doolittle Park is perfect for families and children.

Pets are permitted on grounds as long as they are on a leash. The Polish National Alliance Park is located on 171 North Plains Industrial Road in Wallingford. The park has a large VFW hall on site, which is available for parties and corporate events. Locals are free to take advantage of the park grounds from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Malls & Shops

Townfair Plaza is located on 994 North Colony Road in Wallingford. Townfair Plaza is a strip mall located within 4 miles of Brentwood. Townfair Plaza offers a variety of shops including the UPS store, Verizon Wireless and Primo Pizza.

The plaza is open Monday-Friday 10:00 am- 9:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am-9:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm-5:00 pm. Circle Plaza is located on 1114 Colony Road. Circle Plaza is a small plaza, which includes the M Salon & Spa, Paint Emporium and much more.

The community of Brentwood is a fine place to live especially for families with children. There seems to be something for everyone within the Brentwood community.

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