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Deaconwood – Cheshire, CT

Deaconwood is a planned community that is located in west-central Cheshire, CT. According to the 2010 census, the population in Cheshire is over 29,260 people. There are over 10,400 homes located throughout the 33.1 acres of Cheshire, CT.

The Deaconwood neighborhood is located between Main St, Mountain Rd and Cornwall Ave in the heart of Cheshire. This neighborhood could be described as one of the nicer communities in the state.

The violent crime rate for the city is below the state and national average. The median price for a home in this area is around $296,000, while the median family income is estimated to be approximately $95,000 per year.

Schools and Universities

There are approximately 20 schools and universities located in a close proximity to the Deaconwood Community. As a group, the schools within the Cheshire city limits are rated with a nine out of ten score by reputable websites like


Parents and students alike love the quality of education available near the Deaconwood community. Some of the popular universities within close driving distance of Deaconwood include:

• Southern Connecticut State University
• University of Bridgeport
• University of Connecticut
• Quinnipiac University
• Albertus Magnus College

Within the city of Cheshire, there are four high schools, five middle schools, six elementary schools and 13 preschools. Nine of the schools in the city are public, and 14 are private institutions. Some of the popular schools that are located within a few miles of the Deaconwood neighborhood include:

• Rhythm Dance Academy
• Cheshire Academy
• Dodd Middle School
• Cheshire High School
• Norton School
• Doolittle Elementary School
• Stone Academy

Outdoor Activities

The Farmington Canal

Perhaps the most popular attractions among nature enthusiasts living in the Deaconwood neighborhood include Farmington Canal Linear Park and the Farmington Canal Trail. The part of the Farmington Canal Linear Park that runs through Cheshire nearby Deaconwood spans for about 2.9 miles. The Farmington Canal Trail is ideal for mountain biking, and the path stretches on for more than 11 miles.

Local Parks

There are approximately 14 parks within close distance to the Deaconwood neighborhood. Some of the other parks nearby Deaconwood neighborhood include Ben’s Homestead, Mixville Park, the local Youth Center and Bartlem Park.

Local Attractions

There are many different types of attractions people usually want to visit when in the Deaconwood. Some of the most popular attractions include the Yale University Golf Course, a handful of art gallery shops nearby the recreation center, a few spas, the Country Plaza shopping center and many other destinations as well.

Local Eateries

There are three bakeries nearby Deaconwood, as well as more than 20 different types of restaurants. There are also four pubs located just around the corner from the neighborhood as well. Some of the closest restaurants to the Deaconwood neighborhood include China Dragon, Rossini’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza, Pop’s Pizza, Cheshire Coffee, The Watch Factory Restaurant, The Funky Monkey Cafe & Gallery and Villarina’s Pasta.

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