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Dragon Point – New Haven, CT

New Haven is a busy, cultured portion of the Connecticut area, filled with many different things to do and see.

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Dragon Point is a cozy piece of New Haven that exemplifies many of the nicest things about the city.

History of New HavenĀ 

New Haven was once populated by the Quinnipiac Native Americans, who settled near the harbor. Puritan settlers first arrived in New Haven in the year 1638. The Quinnipiac agreed to sell the land to the Puritans under the condition that they assist the Indians in dealing with another warring local tribe.


Modern day New Haven carries much of the legacy of the original Puritan settlers’ plan for the area, though many legal changes, developments and the natural course of technology have made it one of the busiest and brightest parts of Connecticut.

The Best Schools Near Dragon Point, New Haven

For those in secondary education and interested in law, the prestigious Yale law school is located in New Haven. Other popular and locally renowned schools include Benjamin Jepson Magnet School, Strong Private School and John S. Martinez School. All of these are within walking and local driving distance of Dragon Point.


Many residents in New Haven choose to drive cars, but public transportation is also a very viable option. Many people find that the quaint neighborhood of Dragon Point is ideal for bicycles and scooters as well.


One of the most beautiful parks in all of Connecticut is Lighthouse Point Park. The landmark lighthouse that greeted boats entering into the harbor has been around for over 73 years.

This beach side park is beautiful both for its gorgeous foliage and beautiful coastal view. Devoted anglers will likely find the pier to be one of the most enjoyable places to unwind in all of New Haven.

Museums and Theaters

The refined culture of Dragon Point and New Haven lends itself to unique locations dedicated solely to the arts. Cine 1-2-3-4 is a small film theater that plays both modern films and those with art house flavor. For those into dancing, Alisa’s House of Salsa teaches four distinct variations of Salsa dancing.

For those into the theater, A Broken Umbrella Theater shows plays that are both unique and culturally relevant to the area. The New Haven Museum and Historical Society is focused on integrating general museum content with preservation of the local area’s culture.

Attractions and Events Near Dragon Point

The local city hall puts together a great deal of events for residents to partake in. These include seasonal holiday events and unique events relative to the local culture. Art Space’s City Wide Open studios calls in modern artists all over the local area to exhibit their work for the public to enjoy.

The community calendar lists all upcoming events, including those both seasonal and related to the arts. There are countless other live shows, attractions and activities all around Dragon Point, as it is nestled in a very centralized area of New Haven.

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