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Fairlawn Farms – Wallingford CT

Fairlawn Farms is a cozy neighborhood located on the east side of Wallingford, CT. The community is made up of roomy comfortable colonial style homes perfect for all types of families.

The community is protected by a home owners association that works in the interest of all home owners in the neighborhood. In addition to being a nice neighborhood, Fairlawn Farm is situated in a wonderful small town that has many interesting sites and attractions for residents to enjoy.

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The Town of Wallingford

Wallingford, CT is a small town in New Haven County Connecticut. It has a population of approximately forty five thousand one hundred people. It is a historical town with plenty of interesting historical sites that attract tourists. One of these sites is the Reverend James Dana House.

The house commemorates the reverend who played a huge a role in the Revolutionary War. Another historical site is the Nehemiah Royce House. It was built in 1672, and is the oldest house in the city. The Historic Preservation Trust owns it.

Nathaniel Hall Homestead was built in 1833. The house is surrounded by a local legend that suggests the original owner of the house was against his mason’s gambling habit and the masons taunted him by putting stories into card shapes,( heart, spade, diamond, and club), on the south wall of the home. There are many other historical sites that can be viewed in the city as well.

The city also holds festivals at the town’s center to keep the town members engaged with one another and aid the community. Events include the downtown restaurant hop, annual holiday stroll, “Taste of Wallingford”, a two day festival which gives people a taste of what the town is, and The Gardeners’ Market which takes place on Saturdays in July and is really popular.

Things to Do in Wallingford

Wallingford has plenty of things to do and get involved in. For those who love music and concerts, the Oakdale Theater is the place to go. The Toyota sponsored center holds concerts by famous artists such as Hunter Hayes, Jill Scott, Logic, and Eric Prydz.

For those into performing arts there is the Paul Mellon Arts Center. The center has programs for music, theater, and dance. There are acting programs for children, and summer young artist programs.

There is also the Gouveia Vineyards for wine lovers. It is known for its amazing wine which has won eleven awards. It the perfect place to visit for friends and (adult) family groups alike.

For those who enjoy outdoor activity, Sleeping Giant State Park is a wonderful place to go. It offers hiking, jogging and walking on nature trails, picknicking, fishing, and camping for youth groups. Visitors are allowed to bring pets on trails as well making this a great place to bring the entire family.

Do not be fooled by Wallingford’s population. There is plenty offered in this great town. For those looking for a new home, Fairlawn Farms in Wallingford is the place to go.

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