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Fall Fishing Guide for Wallingford, CT: Atlantic Salmon & Lots of Fun

It is considered one of the most beautiful places to live in New England. In fact, the peaceful town of Wallingford, Connecticut, seems to be a perfect place to enjoy all that life has to offer when it comes to the great abundance of flying fishing in the region. For instance, both locals and visitors in the Wallingford region say there is plenty of great fly-fishing on the local lakes and rivers.

Moreover, the Connecticut River Salmon Association stated on its website that Atlantic Salmon have been spotted during the fall and winter months “leaping out of the famed Naugatuck River” near Wallingford. Salmon fishing along the town’s many lakes and rivers is marked with relaxed spots for either sport fishing or to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Connecticut town known for fishing fun

While the Connecticut River Salmon Association is busy stocking Wallingford area lakes and rivers with plenty of Atlantic salmon for the local sport fishing fans, there are others who appreciate the slow and easy way of life in this historical New England town during the colorful autumn season.

For example, a Baby Boomer who recently retired in the area said he had no idea how great the fishing is in Wallingford. In fact, the Boomer commented online about being an angler for the first time in his life because he found fishing to be so much fun.

Another aspect of living in Wallingford is the local history. For instance, the famed Choate Rosemary Hall School in Wallingford is credited with graduating actors Michael Douglas, Jamie Lee Curtis and Glenn Close. In addition, both Adlai Stevenson and President John F. Kennedy attended this historic school in town.

Fishing second to none in Wallingford

One of the major draws for those who live in this peaceful Connecticut town is the slow and easy pace of life that includes some remarkable fishing. Still, the comfortable and quiet of Wallingford is often broken by the cheers from anglers who have caught one of the monster fish that frequent local lakes and rivers.

Flying fishing is popular around these popular watering holes in the Wallingford area:

– Fishing the Connecticut River basin
– Angling along the popular Naugatuck River
– Peaceful fishing near the bridge and falls along the stunning Quinnipiac River in Wallingford
– The favorite fishing spot at the Broad Brook Reservoir
– Finding your fishing thrills at Clarks Pond where fathers and grandfather like to bring kids fishing
– Sport fishing at Hanover Pond where anglers like to launch their boats for peaceful mornings of fishing and bonding with friends

In general, there is nothing more stunning in all of nature than people fishing along the hills and plains that surround the Quinnipiac River near the main street in Wallingford.

Historical Wallingford called a great place to live

There is an old story in the Wallingford town history that points to visits by General George Washington when he passed through Wallingford back in 1775. Washington returned to Wallingford as a former first president of the United States in 1789, while stating his fondness for this town that was established on Oct. 10, 1667, as a “great village fishing spot on the east river”.

At the same time, the people who live in this relaxed town of Wallingford say they enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as taking a few hours to paddle along one of the fish filled lakes and other great places to both canoe and kayak to your favorite fishing spot.

The town of Wallingford is also close to big city life, and lots of shopping. There is a local farmer’s market that offers a great selection of local crops, and plenty of places to walk and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer in this region that is viewed as second to none nationwide for its spirited local community and serene living.

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