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Farmington Woods – Avon, CT

Living in Farmington Woods

Peace and serenity are highly desired. When you have this, you can breathe and contemplate on the important things in life. Farmington Woods, Avon CT. is a community that offers these coveted things. The homes are ensconced in beautiful greenery, which is not just a visual treat, but healing to the body and soul.

The homes in this community embody warmth and comfort. The style of the homes are unique because they have a country look, but a modern feel as well. Sixty floor plans are available in this gated community, and most homes have a ranch or townhouse layout. In case you’re wondering, an average home cost around $409,000. There is plenty of diversity in Farmington Woods, and all ages are represented.

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Things to do in Farmington Woods

There are many activities that may pique your interest in this community, which means you don’t have to leave to have fun. Farmington Woods is a golf course community, so you can always do that if your heart desires. There are four pools in the community, if you want to go for a swim.

Farmington Woods Real Estate

There is a pool called Byron that sits high, as the deck overlooks a hillside. If you like to play tennis, there are seven tennis courts available, and four of them are lit up at night.

If you are interested in gardening, there is a community vegetable garden where you can grow the crops you want. Just so you know, there are many parks, lakes and shopping centers nearby when you leave the community.

Farmington Woods Schools

This is a question that any parent may freight over, but there is no need because there are great schools waiting for your child. There is the Reggio Magnet School of the Arts, which houses kids from Pre-k to 5th grade. This school’s philosophy uses an artistic approach which combines science, reading, and math.

They also believe that parents are an integral part of a child’s school life and consider them to be partners. Another elementary school you may want to check out is Union School.

This school scored a 9 on the Great Schools Ranking. One mother remarked on how happy she was with this school because her daughter’s grades have improved greatly.

If you have a child in middle school, there are quite a few options available. One school to check out is Avon Middle School; this school actually received a ten on the Great Schools Scale. This school also has a variety of clubs available for your child.

They have a Business Professionals of America club, a yarn club, and a science club. The principal of this school said that his focus is on helping students build character because this will in turn create trustworthy, and responsible children.

One great high school to keep in mind is Farmington High School. This school also received a ten on the Great Schools Scale.

The mission of this school is to develop responsible and high achieving students. This school has many extra curricular activities, which include: Thespians club, student council, debate team, National Honor society, Interact Earth among others.

Choosing to live in this great community will give you that coveted peace and serenity. Not only that, you will have good schools for your children, and a host of activities to do alone or with the whole family. With all Farmington Woods has to offer it is no wonder that many are flocking here.

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