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Breakwater Bay – New Haven, CT

About Breakwater Bay, CT

If you cannot find your favorite things in New Haven, CT, then you are not looking hard enough. New Haven has a population of 130,000, which extends to a statistical population of over 860,000. New Haven is built on a historical foundation.

The town was founded in 1638 by English Puritans who laid out a city block of eight streets in the following year. Today, this is known as the “Nine Square Plan,” and with additional streets that they laid out in the following years, New Haven was born, and it is a Historical landmark today.

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The city of New Haven has many other attributes: 1) it is on New Haven Bay which allows access to the Atlantic 2) It is known as an educational city; Yale University was started in the 1700’2 and is Ivy League 3) there is shopping in all the national stores as well as shopping in the historic downtown district and in the beach shops on the Bay.break

Tourists and residents alike can shop till you drop looking for amazing finds 4) Everyone who comes to New Haven is embraced by an environment that is 400 years in the making, but up to date in every technological way. Connecticut is a state that is filled with an atmosphere of anticipation in the best country in the world.

Breakwater Bay is an Ideal Community on the Bay

Those who enjoy the scenic bay views have found an amazingly beautiful condominium community overlooking the spectacular New Haven Bay in Breakwater Bay community. This is a spectacular gated community in New Haven’s historic city point known as Breakwater Bay. This planned community opened in 2010 with exquisite condos that would entice the owners with preferences for the bay.

Breakwater Bay has two modern architectural buildings, side by side, with a fabulous interior design that creates the ultimate living space for singles, seniors or couples with children.

Everyday, the residents at Breakwater Bay condominiums walk into a luxurious home. Each condo has two to three bedrooms, with the same number of baths, and all the amenities of a spectacular condominium in a low Homeowner’s fee.

There is no grass to mow or upkeep of any kind at Breakaway Bay. The creators of these gorgeous buildings believe that a person’s home is their getaway from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, so these condos are secluded and peaceful with only the sound of the waves lapping against the shore to disturb you.

The plan behind Breakwater Bay community is to offer an excellent lifestyle to those who appreciate the value and meaning of “home.” There are five private schools and five public schools in the area to select for your children. City Point provides a haven for you and your family, yet I-95 is just a few miles west. The location of Breakwater Bay makes a perfect choice for those home-hunting in New Haven.

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