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Richmond Glen – Cheshire, CT

About Richmond Glen

Richmond Glen, one of the many featured neighborhoods in Cheshire, CT. Cheshire is situated in New Haven County, Connecticut. Based upon the 2010 census it has a population of 29,261 and Cheshire is situated in the center of that population. In 2009, Money magazine ranked Cheshire #72 out of the 100 best places to live and #73 in 2011.

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Living in Richmond Glen gives residents’ access to a number of special museums. Museums where there are enormous compilations of memorabilia, novelties and other items like special lunch containers and dispensers that resemble cartoon, comic and television characters.

Richmond Glen - Cheshire, CT

Parks and Recreational Areas

Cheshire is very well-known for its recreational trails like the Farmington Canal, which is non-motorized trail travels through Cheshire. Quinnipiac Trail is home of Roaring Brook Falls, where you will find the highest single-drop water fall in all of Connecticut. Visiting these falls during the spring time is a mesmerizing site; especially after a heavy downpour of rain. The Cheshire Land Trust has preserved this natural beauty by not allowing it to be converted into a park. It is truly a sight to behold!


Richmond Glen residents will be pleased to know that Cheshire has only one high school (Cheshire High School), one middle school, (Dodd Middle School) and four elementary schools (Doolittle, Chapman, Norton and Highland) and one kindergarten (Darcey); all public. These are all the public schools; however, Cheshire also has a number of private schools one being Cheshire Academy; the former, Episcopal Academy of Connecticut (founded in 1794).

Cheshire Academy educates grades 7-8 for Middle Schoolers and 9-12 for upperclassmen. And then there is St. Bridgets, a Catholic school that teaches from preschool to grade 8th. When it comes to college there’s the Legion of Christ, it’s a Roman Catholic congregation which sits on 200 acres that teaches humanities.


The tenants of Richmond Glen will have to rely upon personal transportation for traveling purposes. Cheshire has two main Interstate (691 and 84); Interstate 691 travels through the northern perimeter of the town while Interstate 84 goes through the northwest section of town.

Then there’s Connecticut Rt. 10 the busiest of all the Routes and the most traveled going north and south. There are three east/west routes, Route 42, 68 and 70 which takes the brunt of Route 10 traffic throughout the weekday especially during morning, evening and after school commutes (after 2pm).

Over all, Richmond Glen is one of the most beautiful places to reside in all of Cheshire. These are just few of the many amenities that would be afforded to residents that decide to make Richmond Glen in Cheshire, Connecticut their new and exciting place of residency.

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