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Simpson Village – Wallingford, CT

Simpson Village lies right in the heart of Wallingford. This beautiful community is a new 55+ condominium/townhouse development, offering the classic New England lifestyle with a dash of the modern. The modern influence comes with the interior features of these lovely spacious town homes, such as in the design of the master suites, spacious two car garages, and the maintenance-free exteriors.

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Life is simple here. And it’s very convenient, as everything you need is a short walk away, such as restaurants, hair salons, barber shops, a library, tennis courts, a golf course, a town hall, parks, a local market, and so much more. Enjoy the ease and comfort of walking to a restaurant, to the local gardener’s market, or having your hair done!

Downtown Wallingford

Wallingford is a scenic New England town with a population of over 45,000 residents. It’s located between New Haven and Hartford, and lies on the banks of the idyllic Quinnipiac River with its stunning waterfalls and rustic bridges.


The downtown area of Wallingford combines the old with the new. Downtown Wallingford offers picturesque, shady, tree-lined streetscapes, where modern restaurants, colonial architectural buildings, enchanting parks, colorful food markets, and vibrant local shops come together to provide a charming place to eat, shop, or just enjoy the day and relax.

Johanna Manfreda Fishbein Park

This beautiful park is popular for weddings, photographs, and for town gatherings. Across from the park is the scenic, historic Railroad Station, which was built in 1871. It’s architecture is from the Second Empire. It’s still in service as the Amtrak rolls through.

Wallace Hose House

Sitting on Cherry Street, this firehouse was built in 1895. It’s a beautiful historic site.

Simpson Court Area

The Simpson Court area comprises several blocks of major revitalization projects that incorporatee the colonial designs of the past. Period lights, wrought iron benches, trees, plantings, and the unique brick walkways have turned this area into a beautiful showplace.

Town Hall

This beautiful Beaux-Arts style building became a town hall in 1988. Before that it had been a high school named Lyman Hall. It was named after, Lyman Hall, who was a Wallingford native and had signed the Declaration of Independence.

Judd Carriage House

This Victorian style carriage house sits on land where the H. L. Judd mansion once existed before being demolished. It’s located on the Town Hall property. The Paul Mellon Arts Center is home to many excellent theater productions and art exhibitions. Wallingford’s own symphony orchestra performs here.

Popular Restaurants

• J. Christians
• Mr. D’s
• Café Ra
• Knuckleheads
• Michael’s Trattoria
• GOGO Froyo
• Half Moon Café
• Los Mariachis
• Stella’s Pizza
• ZA-ONN Thai House
• Gaetano’s Tavern on Main

Popular Listings:

701 Center Street Aka 1D Simpson Village
701 Center Street Aka 3D Simpson Village
701 Center Street Aka 2E Simpson Village
701 Center Street Aka 3E Simpson Village
701 Center Street Aka 2D Simpson Village

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