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Traders Block – New Haven, CT

About Traders Block

Traders Block in New Haven, Connecticut is a a town full of culture, community, and progress. With great opportunities for employment around the area, great parks and recreation areas to spend you and your families free time, and a top notch school district for your children to get a good education, it should be easy to see why this would be a good place to raise a family.

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Employment in the Traders Block Area

There are many jobs available in a wide range of careers around New Haven. Health services, business services, financial services, and retail trade make up over half the jobs in the area. Transportation and utilities, manufacturing, and trade collectively make up about a third of the areas jobs.

Its location between New York and Boston lets it benefit from the bio science centers located in each. Yale University brings its reputation to the area in research and higher education. 50,000 students attend local colleges and employ thousands.

Traders Block New Haven, CT

The area produces items such as pharmaceutical products, firearms, ammunition, lamps telephones chocolate cutlery, airplane parts, silverware, lamps, tools, clocks, and watches. There are many jobs available for those that are qualified for the positions.

Traders Block Parks and Recreation Areas

Fun places to visit while you are here include East Rock Park, Edgewood Park, Lighthouse Point, Barnard Nature Center, West Rock, Walker Ice Rink, Beaver Pond, and the Skate Park. At East Rock Park you can play on the ball fields, basketball courts, go cycling, boating, fishing, crabbing, hiking, kite flying, picnicking, or even go ice skating.

At Edgewood Park you can play on the tennis courts, softball, baseball, and soccer fields, walk, jog, or cycle on the trails, or even play basketball at night on the lighted courts. The Barnard Nature Center is close to Barnard Environmental Magnet School which gives the children access to the amenities they provide and a look at some of the amphibians and reptiles that they have there.

New Haven Public Schools

Children from the area attend one of the 45 schools available while adults can attend the Continuing Education Center. 31 elementary and middle schools are throughout the area for the youngest children to attend.

Nine high schools are available by the names of Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, High School in the Community, Hill Regional Career High School, James Hillhouse High School, Hyde School of Health, Sciences, and Sports Medicine, Metropolitan Business Academy, New Haven Academy, Sound School, and Wilbur Cross High School.

Five transitional schools are also available called Dixwell New Light High School, New Horizons School, Polly T. McCabe Center, Riverside Academy, and DOMUS Academy. Your children will receive a great education in this district and you will be able to further your own education if you wish at some amazing colleges.

New Haven, Connecticut is home of Traders Block. If you were to live here, you would have many opportunities to find gainful employment, beautiful places to relax in your spare time, and a school district that will give your children the education they deserve. Come take a look for yourself at the things that make this such an amazing place to live and raise a family.

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