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Hamden Real Estate

Hamden, CT is a town that combines the simple charms of a New England town with the modern conveniences of a city.  Situated above New Haven and along the I-91 and Route 15 corridor, Hamden offers a central location and a great place to start a family.  Hamden was even named #33 on a list of locations across the country that are the “Best Places to Live and Launch” by Fortune Magazine and CNN Money.

If you’re stopping by Hamden, make sure to visit the many attractions, including the unique town hall and the Eli Whitney Museum.  Eli Whitney, famous for creating the cotton gin, lived in Hamden.  He made arms for the United States government near a waterfall in Hamden, which was a good source of power.  On that same site, Whitney built a mill that created interchangeable parts, which helped to usher in the modern era of mass production.

Much of the town of Hamden is dedicated to Eli Whitney.  One of the busiest roads in the town is Whitney Avenue, where you’ll find businesses, restaurants, and more.  Whitney’s original factory has been turned into the Eli Whitney Museum and attracts thousands each year.  The former area where Eli Whitney built houses for his workers is still referred to as “Whitneyville”, and the reservoir that was created after the expansion of Whitney’s mill site is known as Lake Whitney.

Many famous people have also come from Hamden, including professional wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the creator of the television character “Alf”, Paul Fusco.

Quinnipiac University, one of the most prestigious schools in New England, is also home to a beautiful campus that sits below Sleeping Giant Mountain.  Sleeping Giant State Park is one of Connecticut’s best attractions, as the beautiful trails and picnic areas are fun to climb for all ages.  If you continue up the mountain, you’ll find yourself next to the Lookout Tower, which was constructed during the Great Depression of the 1930s as a work relief project.

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