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Middletown Real Estate

Middletown, Connecticut is a city full of charm and New England style.  Middletown is famous for its historic downtown district.  No other city in the state has a downtown that evokes such imagery of 1950s America.  Along the main streets in Middletown, you’ll see old-fashioned storefront to many specialty shops.  Even large chain stores seem to blend in, as their storefronts are decorated to blend with the surroundings, especially during the winter holidays.

Middletown is also becoming known for its cultural diversity.  Downtown, you’ll see many restaurants devoted to a wide array of cultures including Italian, Cambodian, Indian, and Tibetan.  The center of town is brimming with history, as well, and the scenery has even been the backdrop for a Hollywood movie as recently as mid-2008.

One of the reasons the center of Middletown has thrived over the past couple decades is because of the contributions from Wesleyan University.  This arts college has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.  Its limestone buildings and unique architecture are surrounded by acres of green grass.  Wesleyan is a distinguished school, as many famous and important writers, artists, and actors have graduated from there.

Middletown also sits next to Higby Mountain, which provides a great view for adventurers of all ages.

For more arts activities, make sure to visit the Oddfellows Playhouse and the Children’s Circus of Middletown, where kids can learn circus skills and put on a show for a thousand of the townspeople.  Middlesex Hospital is a great place to work and provides jobs for many of Middletown’s residents.  Famous residents include New York Jets coach Eric Mangini, Hall of Fame boxer Willie Pep, and US President Woodrow Wilson, who was a professor of Political Economy at Wesleyan.

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