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New Haven Real Estate

New Haven Homes & Real Estate

There are lots of different communities in New Haven. This is a suburban area with a very popular Ivy League school, Yale University, in the heart of the city. The downtown area is where lots of visitors and natives go for entertainment. There are lots of restaurants and boutiques in this area.

People that are interested in the Wooster Square neighborhoods will find themselves east of Yale, but they are still close to the main campus. The downtown area is closer to the Yale Medical Building. The great thing about the Greater New Haven is that it encompasses most of the metropolitan area. The Wooster Square is where many of the locals come to patronize some of the best eateries in town.

Other neighborhoods in the Greater New Haven area include places like East Rock, Mill River, Fair Haven Heights and Prospect Hill. People that live in all of these different neighborhoods merge and come together for lots of entertainment venues. There are some people that like the free concerts offered by the Yale Music School. Others that may be interested in listening to jazz may also consider what Firehouse 12 has to offer. This is a great way to spend some evenings, but this is only the beginning.

There are some nice galleries at the Yale Art School and British Art Center. People that are into exhibits will also appreciate the displays at the School of Architecture. These are the type of things that people can appreciate when they are visiting Connecticut. These attractions actually aspire lots of people to move to this location. The Connecticut River and Florence Griswold museums are also great attractions.

Some parts of Greater New Haven are exclusive to this city. It is true that lots of cities have museums and theaters, but no other cities have the Ten Thousand Villages store. This is a great attraction for visitors and natives that showcase handmade artwork. The collection is comprised of artwork from all over the world.

Greater New Haven really is a great place to call home. It is one of the safer cities and that also attracts lots of people to this area. The culture is a great mix of college students and college graduates from Yale. Many people have visited Greater New Haven and found a reason to call the city home. The other natives that were born in this area have decided to stay and enjoy their hometown. It’s a clearly a great place to live when people grow up and make a conscious decision to stay in the city. Anyone that moves to the neighborhoods in Greater New Haven will be glad about the decision that they made.

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