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Heritage Sound – Milford, CT

The neighborhood of Heritage Sound in Milford, Connecticut has a lot of history associated with its construction. By explaining what the area is like, giving information on the local schools, and informing you of the areas of interest, you should see why this is such a great community to live in.

Heritage Sound’s Small Town Charm

Heritage Sound has a great small town feel to it while also having a lot of heart. It is located near both Myrtle and Walnut beaches and has its own coastline that goes on for seventeen miles. This coastline faces Long Island Sound and on this coast is the Silver Sands State Park.

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A mile-long boardwalk connects the beach to Walnut Beach. Off the coast is Charles Island and in the Housatonic River 3 more islands, Fowler, Duck, and Nells islands, also are accessible. Five public access beaches with lifeguards are also available by the names of Gulf, Anchor, Hawley Avenue, Walnut, and Middle Beaches. Seven private beaches are also available.

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Schools for Heritage Sound

Schools available in the area include eight elementary schools by the names of Calf Pen Meadow, John F. Kennedy, Live Oaks, Mathewson, Meadowside, Orange Avenue, Orchard Hills, and Pumpkin Delight Elementary Schools.

For children in the middle school age range, 3 schools are available by the names of East Shore, Harborside, and West Shore Middle Schools.

For your high school ages children three choices are also available including Jonathan Law, Joseph A. Foran, and The Academy High Schools. These are all part of Milford Public Schools which caters to the near 7000 children of the area. These schools score in the top half, and a large part the top quarter, of standardized testing scores.

Milford, CT Attractions

Eleven places in Milford have made it onto the National Register of Historic Places and are ready to visit. These include the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Lauralton Hall, Buckingham House, Eells-Stow House, Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont, Housatonic River Railroad Bridge, Milford Point Hotel, River Park Historical District, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Taylor Memorial Library, U.S. Post Office-Milford Main, and the Washington Bridge. Silver Sands State Park is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike with beautiful beaches and a friendly atmosphere.

The Sikorsky Memorial Bridge is another popular attraction as well as the four islands there were mentioned earlier. The public and private beaches all offer rest and relaxation. There is an annual Oyster Festival celebrated near Milford Green.

The Milford Cultural Center has many events throughout the year as well. The Firehouse Art Gallery is another destination for those interested in the fine arts. Two golf courses are also available for play and numerous recreational facilities are available for both residents of the community and tourists.

Heritage Sound in Milford, Connecticut is a great place to live because of the small town feel, the great schools in a great school district, and all the popular places to visit and learn from. Come visit this community and see all these reasons for yourself.

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