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Meadow Farms – Windsor CT

As one of the oldest areas in Connecticut, Windsor offers well a developed neighborhood for people to live. It is a bedroom community that is closely located near major metropolitan areas, making it a great place to commute from for work. Here is some information for anyone that is considering moving to Meadow Farms in Windsor, CT.

What it is Like to Live in Meadow Farms: The community is big on community involvement and family life. There are several annual events for the holidays like fireworks and other outdoor events. Little league and other sports events are part of the community as well.

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The Meadow Farms Neighborhood

The neighborhood is a very green part of the state. Homes are predominantly newer and offer excellent personal space between one another’s property. At the same time, they are close enough that people know one another and are there to be good neighbors.

Meadow Farms - Windsor CT

Meadow Farms Schools

The school district that residents of Meadow Farms is the Windsor Public Schools System. There is one public school for pre-school and kindergarten students. Windsor has four elementary schools to choose from and one middle school.

When kids reach high school age, there is one high school for public use. All of them are excellent choices for anyone that wishes to participate in the public school system.

Private choices are available for families as well. Loomis Chaffee is an excellent choice for those are looking into a preparatory choice.

Another good private choice is the Saint Gabriel’s School for those of the Christian faith. There is even a private school for those wishing to educate their child in a Muslim faith at Madina Academy.

Things to do in Meadow Farms


There are several good activity choices for residents of the area. Elder residents can enjoy the L.P. Wilson Community Center, where they are able to participate in classes such as yoga and many theater presentations each year.

The Windsor Art Center has annual exhibits for those that wish to participate in the arts. Theater events are another excellent choice for the arts. Farmer’s Markets occur on a regular basis for all natural shopping and a sense of community fun.

Outdoor Activities

There are several outdoor events that anyone can enjoy. The Northwest Park Country Fair is a regular part of the community for both families and singles to enjoy. The Keney Park Golf Club is open for those that enjoy playing golf and club membership. Parks and other restaurants are also available for just about any choice or taste.


There are several good choices for religious participation. Here are a few of those choices for residents to participate in and create a sense of community involvement.

• Holy Zion Church of the Jubilee
• Grace Baptist Church
• Hopewell Baptist Church
• Pilgrim Way Baptist Church
• Greater St. Paul’s Baptist Church of Deliverance
• Truth & Freedom Ministry (Home Church)
• Saint Gertrude’s Church, Roman Catholic
• Saint Joseph’s Church, Roman Catholic
• Saint Joseph’s Church, Roman Catholic
• Saint Gabriel’s Church, Roman Catholic
• Wilson Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
• Poquonock Community Church, Congregational
• The First Church in Windsor, United Church of Christ

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