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Mountain Brook – Wallingford, CT

Anyone who wants to move to a relaxing and peaceful neighborhood should consider Mountain Brook, which is located within Wallingford, CT. This is one of the best ways to get to experience some of the charm of living in this city.


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There are a number of different ways that this community may impress you with what it has in store. If you haven’t ever thought about some of the benefits of living somewhere like this, read through for more information.

You can find all about some of the local events and other advantages to living in Mountain Brook. Think about these advantages when you make your decision on where to live.

Community Atmosphere For Families

Many families will be pleased when they come to this residential area. There is a relatively low amount of crime, which will keep people feeling safe. The people themselves always seem to be friendly and welcoming to even new people that stop by here.

Mountain Brook - Wallingford CT

If you haven’t ever felt truly at home where you lived before, you might want to get to try it out for yourself here. This community is perfect for any family that wants to put down roots and feel like they really belong somewhere.

Great Selection Of Local Restaurants

Other people will simply be interested in experiencing some of the restaurants that they have in this area. There are quite a few residents who seem to enjoy going to the local Italian restaurant, named Serafino’s Ristorante Italiano.

This will be one of the best places to get authentic Italian cuisine in the area. Others will enjoy the home cooking that they can get at the Half Moon Cafe.

This is a fun place for many people from the area to simply meet up and relax. If you haven’t tried this for yourself, you may want to just head to the downtown area sometime soon.

Best Transportation In The Area

You might be surprised by the transportation that they have available here in Mountain Brook. The city of Wallingford is conveniently located near both I-91 and I-691, which can link it up with several different local metropolitan areas.

Residents can also take advantage of a few different public transportation options that are out there. There is also an Amtrak station located nearby the center of the city. If you haven’t ever used any of these options, you may be impressed by how easy they will be to access.

Other Amenities Found Here

There are quite a few other advantages to living here that should not be underestimated by new arrivals. All of the local schools are highly rated and feature some of the best teachers around. There are also many shops located in the downtown area that are surprisingly high fashion for this small city.

You won’t be at a loss for things to experience when you decide to move here. Take a look around at what homes you may buy through Mountain Brook.

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