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Pilgrims Harbor – Wallingford, CT

Graced with rich, urban soil, Wallingford, CT is the right place to call home. Pilgrims Harbor is its newest addition to a list of outstanding communities. Featuring condos showcasing ranch and townhouse designs, the neighborhood welcomes all walks of life.


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All staged in a cultured garden setting; the atmosphere is welcoming with a clean build of air. The community’s clubhouse, swimming pool, golf course and tennis court are open to all residents. All locations are in proximity to the community. What’s more, they are large enough to accommodate a massive audience.

Getting to know Downtown Wallingford

As a united community, citizens are the backbone. Their efforts invested to preserve the historic timeline of the town is noble. A tour of their streetscape guarantees audience with friendly business advocates and natives. Their restaurants, shops and other businesses are authentic, vividly portraying social wealth. Enjoy all day, free parking where possible.

Schools and education centers for Pilgrims Harbor

The area is home to prominent schools. This includes public and private institutions that welcome students at elementary, primary and senior levels. Learners of different social class and learning capacity bound to fit in easily.

Pilgrims Harbor in Wallingford CT

The options are abundant. John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. president, studied at Choate Rosemary Hall School. Other political figures and advocates have a history at the halls of this institution, as well.

Diversified, rich industries

This town is home to corporations of substantial ranks and competitive industries. Healthcare, high-tech metal manufacturing, and medical/research development are the key industries boosting the city’s economic growth.

Wharton Brook Industrial, Barnes Industrial and other parks that share in the town’s success are milestones of its history.

Paul Mellon Arts Center

Housed inside of Choate Rosemary Hall School is this building of historical reference. Truly, its architecture done by I.M. Pei gives the place a diverse appeal. Locals are familiar with the name “PMAC (Paul Mellon Arts Center).” A tour of the attraction provides insight to America’s past.

Wallingford Public Library

Technology and science presents humanity with fast, sophisticated inventions to scour through documents virtually. Despite the independence and convenience associated with such privileges, the library is the ideal place to gather constructive study materials.

This encourages retention in a profound way. Wallingford Public Library provides the resources, and other valuables to complete thorough research. This is to enrich education in children and adults alike. Moreover, it allows them to explore tangible study materials. It is the absolute way to cultivate cultural and social consciousness.

Reliable electricity and low rates

Wallingford features the lowest electricity consumption rates in New Haven County. What is more, the service is extensively reliable and safe. This applies to residential and commercial units. On a whole, citizens get to save money with real-time, efficient property tax abatement solutions.

This community advocates cleanliness and is a reflection of environmental wealth. Resident disposal and recycling solutions limit social pressure on residents. Ultimately, such guidelines encourage thorough compliance.

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