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Silver Ridge Real Estate for Sale

We can’t buy a house on the moon, but we can get pretty close. Thankfully this Earth has a lot of space to offer and some of it is quite breathtaking. Thankfully this Earth has Silver Ridge in Berlin, Connecticut  Silver Ridge gives you a place that black & white movies could only dream of putting on screen. It is sunny but not scorching, and it is breezy rather than chilly.

The homes here have a classy and comforting feel to them. They are bent on providing adequate space for you and yours. Most people here are in their 40’s but all ages are properly represented. The average home is about 298,000, while the average household income is 84,000.

Silver Ridge is a place to enjoy the natural peace the Earth affords all living things, but it is close enough to enjoy the little joys that humanity has created. Great shops, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and much more are sitting just around the corner.

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One may wonder about the kind of education their children will have available to them. One school that is nearby and is quite intimidating, well for those adverse to a good education, is Richard D. Hubbard Elementary School.

Silver Ridge Real Estate for Sale

This elementary school is mercenary towards building a strong educational foundation for every child who attends the school, and parent’s could not be happier with their determination.

Another school that is a highlight to the district is Catherine M. McGee Middle School. This school was given a rating of 9 on the Great Schools of the United States scale.

Teachers and parents are in constant communication according to most parents, and the test score are great, showing how nurturing the school is when it comes to academics.

Berlin High School was given an 8 by the Great Schools scale and it can be seen. There are many parents who love that their teenagers are in this school.

One parent shared her enthusiasm about this school stating that she thanks them for putting two of her children on the path of higher education.

Her two children are now pursuing a Master’s in their chosen careers. The students have the best of both worlds in this school, great teachers and education, as well as a great high school life that is complete with clubs, like the drama or debate club.

What To Do?

Aside from the great shopping spots one might enjoy or the parks, there is also a cute little mini golf location called, Putters Paradise Mini Golf. One might enjoy a sweet date or just have fun with the family. If you are more interested in mature golfing, then you can’t go wrong by visiting the Safari Golf course, which is complete with a beautiful backdrop.

If a little golf is not your thing, then perhaps the Berlin Batting Cages might do the trick? There is a wonderful and artistic-fused theater nearby as well; the Conneticut Cabaret Theater, which is sort of off-Broadway, but that is part of its charm.

Can you claim a piece of this paradise? It has your name written all over it. With all that Silver Ridge in Berlin, CT offers, you feel like you are living among the stars.

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