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Spring Lake Village Real Estate for Sale

“Home is where the heart is”. Home is where you place your most precious memories, and a home is the place where those you leave you behind will see your legacy. The houses at Spring Lake Village in Southington, Connecticut were designed with you in mind.

The homes were designed for comfort, personality, and the warmth it hopes to receive from you. The style of the houses are modern with a touch of sophistication. They have a majestic feel to them, but without exaggeration.

The median home is only about 266,000, while the average household income is about 80,000. It is a place of peace; away from noisy cities, but close enough for their conveniences.

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The Schools of Spring Lake Village

A good school is nearby and it is ready to let your children excel in ways that would make any parent proud. It has many children learning, smiling, and thinking about their futures, even at a young age. The school is called Derynoski Elementary School, and it scored highly on the Great Schools of the United States scale.

Parents rave about the school’s inclusiveness. They make you feel like you are part of the team and are truly committed to proper education.

Spring Lake Village Real Estate for Sale

Another school that knows no limits in committing to the proper education of a student is Joseph A. Depaolo Middle School. It is much more than just a building with teachers and students; it is a stepping stone to a successful future.

The school scored an 8 in the Great Schools scale, which is an impressive number. A parent wrote that her child always comes home excited about the lesson she learned that day. This parent has actually learned new things herself listening to her daughter.

Wonder how it would be to be involved in robotics at a young age? What about having a heated and well informed discussion about current events? Perhaps you might want your child to try out their creative skills in writing, dancing, or drama?

These are just some of the kinds of activities your child might enjoy at Southington High School, which was rated highly on the Great Schools scale as well.

It is a place that does not only focus on graduating students; it looks to preparing students for higher education. They have many programs to prepare, entice, and excite a student when it comes to higher education.

Parents are very happy with their curriculum and focus, which only aids a student into becoming what parents’ dream they will be.

What to Do?

Sure the parks are beautiful, and the gourmet restaurants from various cultures might entice anyone, but what else might you find around Spring Lake Village? What about taking a walk uphill to the tip of Ragged Mountain to check out a vista like no other?

Or perhaps you would like to show off your golfing skills at the Hawk’s Landing Country Club? Maybe you rather be a little more daring and try your luck at Mount Southington Ski Area, or take a flight on a hot air balloon at Castle View Balloons?

There is much more to enjoy and to explore, but you will have plenty of time to see the wonders this area has to offer when you decide to call Spring Lake Village in Southington, CT your home.

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