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Sterling Village – Meriden CT

Sterling Village is a great condo association in South Meriden. With all the comforts and amenities of New England living including great schools and beautiful parks. Sterling Village is located in a fantastic part of this small city. It is close to great schools, provides quick access to major highways, and is still close to the downtown area.

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Schools in Meriden

Education in Meriden is fantastic. The closest public elementary to Sterling Village is Thomas Hooker Elementary School, which is a blue ribbon school of excellence. Additionally the school gets high marks from parents in online reviews, with comments about teacher who care and families that are really invested.

Sterling Village - Meriden CT

For families with high school age children there is Maloney High School nearby. This school also gets good marks from parents and non-biased school raters.

The above options would be great places to send your kids, but there are also great nearby private options such as Connecticut Christian Academy.

Meriden Parks

Meriden happens to be home to 3000 acres of beautiful park land, more than any other city in New England, and as a resident it would be all your to enjoy.

The largest of these parks is Hubbard Park which contains Castle Craig a picturesque tower which you can use as a lookout for one of the best views in New England.

Additionally the city is at work on a long walking trail called the Meridian Linear Trail, and the gorgeous trail could make a great day hike or bike ride.

The trail looks over the Quinnipiac Gorge, providing views of the river below. It even crosses over the interesting Red Bridge.

Recreation in Meriden

For those who are not as interested in parks or perhaps just want other options Meriden features lots of opportunities.

For those who love sports the city provides places such as Hunter golf course which is a Connecticut 10 best public golf course, and the city also features public swimming pools for those who prefer the water to the links. Lastly for those who would rather shop the Westfield Meriden Shopping Mall offers a great place for you to splurge.

Meriden is a fantastic place to live. It is a middle class small town with some of the best parks and amenities in all of New England. Literally 17% of the city is beautiful park land meaning you will never run out of places to explore.

As a city it provides a suburban feel, but as a highway hub it will still connect you quickly with wherever you need to go. Additionally Sterling Villages location in the southern part of the city means your children would have access to the very best in elementary schools and high schools, whether you choose public or private. Overall Meriden is a delightful city with lots of beauty.

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